Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's a kindle?

Well, whatever it is, I don't have one. Or eBooks. Or any significant format to read digital books. Why? Because I don't like it. I don't like how it makes my eyes hurt. I don't like how, if it's school reading, I can't make notes on the side. I don't like the sickly blue glow screens give off. When given the choice, I'll always use print. Examples? My math class is using a digital book this year. So what did I do? I printed out the entire thing and put it in a binder. And it wasn't short (it filled an entire 1-inch binder).

This isn't to say I refuse to read off my computer. It's just to inconvenient to print every single thing I read on the internet. This is to say, however, I prefer reading print in general. I find it much more convenient. "Oh, but you can take thousands of books anywhere you go with a kindle!"Frankly, I'm not that prolific of a reader, and having one book with me at a time should be quite enough. I'll use my iPad for fruit ninja, thank you very much.

But don't worry digital. I think your place in the world is valid and important, it just doesn't happen to lie with me. I am not against digital books, I'm against having to read digital books myself. And I'm very much for digital media and believe in the digital revolution, I just don't think it will wipe out physical media.

Just like how my iTunes playlist will never replace going to a concert, digital writing will never replace real books. They're both fantastic for different things, and I sure as hell don't want to give either of them up.

-Counterfeit Bear

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