Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ichabod: Honorable Detective, or Greedy Asshole?

The short story and the film of Sleepy Hallow are vastly different in many ways, even fundamental things such as plot. But perhaps one of the biggest differences in the film and the story is the main character himself: Ichabod Crane. In the film, Burton has taken Ichabod and created a relatable and affable character. Ichabod is a detective who believes in a just world and will stop at nothing to make one, not even the threat of supernatural opposition. The audience quickly finds itself rooting for him in his quest. This Ichabod, however, is not the Ichabod from the original short story. The real Ichabod is a self-riotous school teacher who sees himself as above his poor man's living. And though he may "love" Katrina, it is clear in the story that he really only loves her wealth and the food that comes with it. In the short story, the audience quickly realizes Ichabod's intentions and does not feel sorry for him when he is driven out of town. The difference between Ichabod and Ichabod is that between a hero and a fool who must learn a lesson.

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